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Further changes due to come into effect in Spring 2013 (exact date to be confirmed) will have a significant impact on how organisations manage Disclosure outcome information. There are still many unknowns as DBS and the Home Office have yet to confirm full details but as ‘Spring’ is not far away it is prudent to be prepared.

Currently, two copies of the Disclosure are produced, one to the applicant and one to the Registered Body (TMG CRB) and we, in turn, update our records and send you update reports and the hard copy Disclosure where it has ‘content’.

From Spring the information currently sent to the Registered Body will cease for all paper applications. Applications made online will receive notification of completion and an electronic record to indicate if the Disclosure is clear or has content but no physical copy of the Disclosure will be produced to the Registered Body.

BJJAGB offers the following solution.

  1. WE HAVE Changed our application process and encourage / mandate applicants to apply online. This involve good communications to your members but offers a cost saving on the current paper application processing price.
  2. Applicants send their email details to us via their coach. They will receive a response which will give them a code and instructions to apply on line.

Please note: in all instances any Disclosures with ‘content’ will require a process to obtain the Disclosure certificate direct from the applicant to enable you to risk assess the Disclosure and make the necessary recruitment decision.

You may already be using, or looking to use, the TMG CRB online application service but if you wish to discuss the changes and options available in more detail please let us know.

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