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Child Protection Policy

Information for BJJA GB Parents and Officials

We have compiled the following documents as downloads to provide information to both Parents of students and BJJA GB Officials, in order to provide information related to child protection and safeguarding.

The information in these documents outlines the BJJA GB’s stance and policy on these issues. If users of this page find anything that requires our attention, or if they need any further information, please contact us via Mark or Clare’s email addresses below and we will rectify immediately.

Please Download the following:

BJJA GB Operational Reporting Policy
BJJA GB Social Media Guide
BJJA GB Safeguarding Policy
BJJA GB: Safe Practice for Children

Complaints Procedure

The documents below comprise flow charts for Parents and Officials associated with the BJJA GB. They outline the correct reporting procedure for complaints and how these should be addressed. The information relates to the complaints procedure both within and also outside of an association. Simply click on the links below to download these, the documents are in .pdf format. If you experience any issues with these please contact us.

Contact Us if you have a concern

You can also contact us if you have a specific concern or if you simply need more information relating to this topic.

Please Download the following:

BJJA GB Safeguarding Complaints Procedure 01
BJJA GB Safeguarding Complaints Procedure 02

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