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BJJA GB statement

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To all members, participants, and stakeholders in the British Ju-Jitsu community,

The British Ju-Jitsu Association Governing Body (BJJAGB) is dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive cultural change within our organisation, reflecting the evolving landscape of our society. Our goal is to create a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone involved in ju-jitsu by maximising our reach both geographically and demographically. We appreciate the feedback and guidance from the Home Country Sports Councils, which can only enhance our service.

We acknowledge that the BJJAGB has not always got things right in the past and that there have been shortcomings in our organisational culture and practices that have hindered our ability to fully embrace the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion. It is essential to recognise these past issues to understand why the actions outlined in this statement are necessary.

Our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan outlines our commitment to improving internal structures and systems to promote inclusion and equality, diversifying our membership, enhancing success for all members, and improving the experience of inclusion and belonging. We welcome feedback or suggestions from our members, participants, and stakeholders through our newly established reporting structure to help achieve these goals.

The EDI Action Plan details specific steps and initiatives to foster a more inclusive environment by addressing barriers and biases, ensuring that everyone, regardless of background, feels valued and respected. The plan includes mechanisms for tracking progress towards our EDI goals, with regular reviews to identify areas for improvement and celebrate achievements.

Our Reporting Structure has been implemented to help the board understand the diverse experiences within our community. We are committed to listening to and learning from our members to better understand their unique perspectives and needs. Our development plan aims for authentic representation in all decision-making processes by broadening our Boards diversity and promoting balanced decision-making that centers on the communities and people we serve, thereby increasing our legitimacy and impact.

By continuing to embed these principles and actions into the fabric of our organisation, the BJJAGB aims to create a culture that celebrates diversity, promotes inclusivity, and ensures that every individual feels valued and respected.

We are committed to working collaboratively with the Home Country Sports Councils, our members, participants, stakeholders, and the wider community to achieve these goals. Together, we can continue to make British Ju-Jitsu a sport where everyone can thrive and enjoy their journey.

Martin Dixon
Professor, The British Ju Jitsu Association GB.

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