Digital Resources


Here are all the files you need to take part in or run a BJJAGB event. Please note you can also download the APP for random attacks by visiting Google PLAY store.


Referees and Officials Course 2019
BJJAGB Anti-Doping Policy
Downloads for Officials Amendments to Championship Rules 2010
Amendments to Championship Rules 2009
BJJAGB Competition Medical Waiver
BJJAGB Continuous Fighting Rules
BJJAGB Competition Code of Conduct
BJJAGB Demo Marksheet
BJJAGB Random Attacks Sheets 1-40

Competition Resources

BJJAGB Anti-Doping Report
BJJAGB High Grade Promotion Requirements
BJJAGB Kata Judging Guidelines
BJJAGB Continuous Fighting Weights
BJJAGB Advanced Random Attacks Layout Plan
Advanced Random Attacks Techniques 01
Advanced Random Attacks Techniques 02
Advanced Random Attacks Techniques 03
Advanced Random Attacks Techniques 04
Guidelines and Sheets for Scribes
Referees & Officials Addendum 2019 (PDF)

Coaching Resources

BJJA Coach Insurance Application 2022/23

Digital Resources

BJJAGB Drug and Alcohol Policy Template (DOCX)
BJJAGB Drug and Alcohol Policy Template (PDF)
Parents & Student Charter (PDF)
BJJAGB Student Membership Form (JPG)
Personal Accident Form


Judges Marking Sheet Downloads

Adult Black Belt Open Hand / Weapons (PDF)
Adult Empty Hand Kata Marking Sheet (PDF)
Adult Pairs Demo Marking Sheets (PDF)

BJJAGB Covid-19 Resources

BJJAGB COVID-19 Events Guidance (PDF)
BJJAGB COVID-19 Return to Class - Guidance (PDF)
COVID Return to Class Protocol Risk Assessment (PDF)
BJJAGB COVID-19 Return to Class - Action Plan 2021 (PDF)
BJJAGB Return to Ju Jitsu Guidance - England 19th July 2021