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Competition Rule Amendments for 2023

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ENTRANCE AGE CHANGE. The Minimum age will in 2023 be 11 years old.

ENTRANCE FOR JUNIOR KATA ONLY Will be brown belt and above.

INCREASE IN Competition Area There will be 6 mats now instead of 5 mats.

ASSOCIATION ENTRY REQUIREMENTS. To enter the National championships Each Association must have a minimum of 2 Qualified referee/ officials attend and be fully taking part in the Championships.

No other non active club or association representative will be allowed in the Competition area.

RED CARDS. Descent to ANY Official is a RED Card and this will result in complete disqualification for the entire championships.

Descent to another competitor during the course of a match will be an immediate yellow card.


It will now be the Assessors duty to monitor any Red Card and ascertain and record what it was received for. This shall be reported to the National Executive.


Random attacks is about street credibility and it has always been the rule that sacrifice throws is like going  (going on the floor outside) this was to be discouraged and the rules state that points will be  awarded to the other competitors if this is the case.

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