Competition Entry Forms

Continuous Fighting Weight Categories for the 2016 Championships: Download the 2016 BJJAGB Competition Results [media-downloader media_id="721" texts="Download the 2016 BJJAGB National Competition Results"] Male under 55 KG & under,  62 KG under, 69KG & under,  77 KG under, 85 KG & under, 94 KG & under, 99 KG & under, over 100 KG Female under 48 KG & under, 55 KG & under, 62 KG & under, 69 KG under, 77 KG under, 85 KG & under, over 85 KG [media-downloader media_id="679" texts="Individual Student Entry Form (PDF)"] [media-downloader media_id="705" texts="Individual Student Entry Form (Word)"] [media-downloader media_id="645" texts="Association Advanced Random Attacks (PDF)"] [media-downloader media_id="704" texts="Association Advanced Random Attacks (Word)"] [media-downloader media_id="646" texts="Association Continuous Fighting (PDF)"] [media-downloader media_id="700" texts="Association Continuous Fighting (Word)"] [media-downloader media_id="647" texts="Association Open Hand Kata (PDF)"] [media-downloader media_id="701" texts="Association Open Hand Kata (Word)"] [media-downloader media_id="649" texts="Association Pairs Demonstration (PDF)"] [media-downloader media_id="703" texts="Association Pairs Demonstration (Word)"] [media-downloader media_id="648" texts="Association Weapons Kata (PDF)"] [media-downloader media_id="702" texts="Association Weapons Kata (Word)"] [media-downloader media_id="650" texts="Association Random Attacks (PDF)"] [media-downloader media_id="699" texts="Association Random Attacks (Word)"] VIDEOING OF EVENTS AND USING SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY 2016 [media-downloader media_id="729" texts="Download the Photography, Filming and Social Media Policy"]