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Director of Coaching, Professor James Pape Coaching Update

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Dear Members,

Please be aware, that If the following criteria has not been met then regrettably we are unable to allow you to take part in any NGB coaching courses.
The National Governing Body’s Coaching Criteria must be met in order for us to fulfill our role as a National Governing Body.


  • Registration and full payment received minimum 2 months prior to course.
  • Distance Learning Modules completed and returned 1 month minimum.
  • Full CRB Up to date 1st Aid Certificate (Paediatric 1st Aid on renewal required as per incoming government guide lines)
  • Membership up to date.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance up to date.
  • Resident Dojo insurance and registration up to date.

If there is a specific problem with distance learning, dyslexia or other such conditions the candidate should inform the Coaching Officer or the Director of Coaching and special arrangements will be made.
The criteria will remain unaltered.

Governing Body JUNIOR Coach Award

National Governing Body Junior Coach Awards Now available for registration for Junior Black Belts.

Dear Parent/Guardian,

“This Course has been specifically formulated to develop the coaching and leadership skills of our younger students. Enabling and Empowering them to help and assist at their classes under the Mentorship of their Sensei. The skills and knowledge that will be imparted to them can be carried forward in all parts of their lives both now and in the future. This is a vital part of the Junior Black Belts Education which will in a great many cases give them the edge over and above their peers when transferring these skills into their community and workplace”.

Professor James Pape National Governing Body Director of Coaching

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